Anderson Valley California
Boonville Airport

A 10 minute walk to downtown Boonville where you can get a great lunch and an ice cream cone.

Visit the airport on the second Saturday of August for the annual Boonville Aviation Knowledge and Folklore Convention (aka) Airport Day. Festivities begin at Noon. You never know what is going to fly by, it could be a high speed P51 Mustang or a slow speed C 130. You may even get a free ride. If you like airplanes don't miss this small town airport event. If you are staying for dinner bring a pot for the potluck dinner at 5 pm, drinks and local beer provided. Corner of Estate Drive and Airport Road at the Boonville Airport. No RSVP necessary. A free fun day all about mostly small, old and home built airplanes. For safety concerns all dogs must be leashed. Further info call Cindy or Kirk at 707 895-2949.

Airport Identifier D83
Located 1 mile Northwest of Boonville.
Coordinates: N39˚0.817': W123˚22.41'
Waypoint: ENI-112.3 228 degrees, 5.6 miles
Phone: 707 895-2949
Hours: Not attended
Elevation: 371 MSL
Pattern altitudes: 1200 MSL all aircraft
(climb to 900 before turning)
Runways: 13-31, 3,240X50', asphalt,
Trees runway 13, hill runway 31
Taxiway: Taxi on runway

Fuel: Emergency Only 100
Fees: tiedown $2/night
Approaches: VFR only
Com frequency: 122.7
Charts: San Francisco; L2

Residential Airpark on east side of runway.
Parking at South End of Runway

Airport Manager Kirk Wilder 707 895-2949

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