Thursday - Monday
10am - 5pm

Tours $20
10am and 2pm
1 hour tours of the farm and creamery includes cheese tasting and wine tasting.
Call 707 895-2410 to make reservations.

Tasting (without tour)
Taste a cheese plate $20 and three wines $5, refundable if you purchase wine.

Pennyroyal wines are
Sauvignon Blanc
Pinot Noir
Rose of Pinot Noir
All grapes are grown on the Pennyroyal farm.

Cheese Club
Receive 13/4 lb shipments of three cheeses 5 times per year. See pennyroyal website for details.

More information
Contact the Pennyroyal farm at 707 895-2410 or on their website

Anderson Valley, California
Serving the communities of
Yorkville Boonville Philo and Navarro

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Cheese and Wine Tasting

Pennyroyal Farmstead Cheese
where every goat has a name
Located at 14930 Highway 128
Boonville, CA 95415
707 895-2410

Pennyroyal Farmstead Cheese is made from the farms own goats and sheep. Each is named and pampered from birth and feed hay from the 100 acre farm. Goats produce milk ten months a year and sheep for only five. Animals are milked twice each day to ensure the cheese is made from the freshest possible milk.

Pennyroyal cheese was first released in 2012. They make five kinds of cheese and have received three gold medals and one blue ribbon.

Cheeses are named after local Boontling words and places. Boontling is a local language created in Boonville in the early 1900s so outsiders passing through would not know what the locals were talking about.

Pennyroyal makes four types of Cheeses

Laychee is the Boontling word for milk. Laychee is sometimes flavored with chives or blueberries. It is available only during the time animals are producing milk. Gold Medal 2014 California State Fair.

Bollie's Mollies is the Boontling word for boobs
It is a dense, surface ripened lactic curd cheese that develops a velvety layer of light blue-grey surface mold as it ages over a three to four week period. Gold Medal 2013 International Cheese Competition in England.

Velvet Sister the name came from 19th century sisters who wore luxurious fur coats in Boonville. Similar to Camembert this soft cheese has a creamy texture and bold flavors of mushroom.

Boonter's Blue is a distinctive blue-veined cheese made from row goat and sheep milk in the spring and raw goat milk in the fall. It has a mild flavor with attractive veining. Blue Ribbon 2013 American cheese Society Competition.

Boont Corners is the original name of the intersection of highway 128 and highway 253 near the Pennyroyal Farm. Corners is aged on wooden planks for two to ten months. As Boont Corners ages it becomes more savory and firm. Gold Medal 2014 California State Fair.